The Health Benefits of Sunflower Seeds

While so many nutritional experts now place enormous dietary value on seeds, it can be difficult to know exactly how beneficial each specific seed can be for your health.

Sunflower seeds are a perfect example of this. However, look further into their alimentary worth and you will find an endless list of benefits.

Here are just some of the few health benefits that can be felt from eating just a handful of sunflower seeds as part of a balance diet.

1.     Skin Saviour

Not only will sunflower seeds invigorate the natural glow of your skin, it can also prevent wrinkles and scarring.

It’s packed with copper which can help with the production of melanin, giving your skin that sought after glow. Sunflower seeds also hold a number of fatty acids, which can help with the formation of collagen, improving elasticity in the skin and helping to remove those unwelcome wrinkles.

2.     Anti-Inflammatory

Packed with Vitamin E, sunflower seeds prevents the damage of fat containing molecules. This means that they can reduce the symptoms of a number of inflammatory ailments such as arthritis, asthma and swelling cause by injury.

sunflower benefits3.     Helping your Heart

The Vitamin E content of sunflower seeds can also means that sunflower seeds can help in the prevention of cardiovascular issues. They reduce the levels of cholesterol in the blood whilst also preventing the oxidization of the cholesterol. Oxidized cholesterol can lead to the blockages of arteries, which can subsequently lead to strokes and heart-attacks.

4.     Building Bone Strength

A number of minerals found in sunflower seeds can help contribute to bone strength. Calcium, magnesium and copper are all found in abundance in sunflower seeds, all of which can help prevent bone mineral density loss. The copper in sunflower seeds also promotes collagen and elasticity which can assist with strength and flexibility in the joints and bones.

5.     Kicking Cancer Away

A number of the vitamins and minerals found in sunflower seeds can provide assistance in the management and preventions of certain cancers. Vitamin E and fibre found in the seeds can help in the prevention of colon cancer, while Selenium in the seeds can help repair DNA and synthesize damaged cells. In general, sunflower seeds enhance the response time of your immune system, thereby helping in the prevention of a number of cancers.

6.     No Need to be Nervous

The magnesium content in sunflower seeds balances calcium and therefore regulates the nerves and muscle tone. By stopping calcium from rushing to nerve cells when they are aggravated, it has a calming effect and keeps the nerves relaxed.

With so many incredibly valuable health benefits, sunflower seeds should be considered an essential part of anyone’s diet. Available in abundance, they are cheap and versatile. Not only can you enjoy them as a snack on their own, they can also accompany breakfast such as porridge and yoghurt, improve the flavour of salads, and can even be incorporated into baking sweet and savoury dishes. There is no excuse not to introduce these fantastically healthy seeds to your diet.