The Toasted Seed Company is a family run business from The Cotswolds. We hand toast and aim to provide a fantastic quality in all of our seed products, combining our secret recipe, high quality nutritious seeds and natural vibrant flavours.

Stemming from a family of chocoholics and a bird-keeping enthusiast our flavoured seeds are the most moreish snack you will taste.

In the early 80’s Ali decided to toast and flavour some of the seeds he fed to his birds. With two young children and a family home busier than a London bus station he soon saw this once flavourless seed become a healthy snack enjoyed by family and friends.

Probably the most surprising change was seeing his chocoholic children devour bowl after bowl of the healthy snack. Young and old, everybody loved them. Ali and wife Ness, having recently sold their 32-year-old business in the motor trade, and still as chirpy as the birds when they started, decided this is their time to launch their unique blend of flavours and range of healthy snacks to people and families just like theirs.